DoKomi Cosplay Ball

The royals invite!

"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away!"
That's the theme for the DoKomi Cosplay Ball 2019!

Here is your invitation:

Greetings planetarians of all galaxies and dimensions,

on behalf of the Galactic Senate, we hereby invite you to the annual Senate Ball on the 08.06.2019 of the star date 42.42.2019.

We are expecting diplomats from the remotest corners of the universe. So we are deeply honored that this year the ruling couple from the land DoKomi (Planet Bob) will be hosting the event.

In addition, for the first time, there will be a special offer for our most sublime guests: The "Mahou no DoKomi" ticket ensures visitors a permanent seat and a confériecier at the table, who will guide you through the evening.

Of course, the charming hosts of Sweet Spice and the charming maids of Lucky Chocolate will be there for a dance any time, if your companion or your event-droid for this special spectacle is absent. Otherwise, we like to remember that there is a free choice of partner (as soon as the partner has given his consent!). To our gallinous guests: Do not be afraid to make intergalactic contacts, after all we have our towel with us.

If you do not master interstellar standard dances: DO NOT PANIC! It is said that our excellent, humanoid dance teacher Artemis and Hexe can teach even a dalek to dance. Dancers of all kinds: Materialize yourself on Saturday from 12 o'clock for the various dance workshops.

Be warned of the guardian droids, who are responsible for a check of the dress code due to the strict Terms and Conditions). Uncertain with the details? The Department of Security and Dress Code like to receive requests as a subspace message via holo net on the frequency .

The age pass for the envoys, who have been sent on the journey for more than a age of 16 rounds, can be received on Saturday from 12 o'clock in the foyer infront of the ballroom.

If you are looking for a refreshment, you will find it in our own Cantina. As a special tip, we recommend the exquisite Banta milk.

We welcome you on behalf of the Galactic Senate! Live long and in peace and may the force be with you.

Important notice

Programm Opening time
Entry 7 p.m.
Opening 8 p.m.
Ending 2 a.m.

The Cosplay Ball and the J-disco take place at the same time, so you won’t be able to take part in both events. Keep this in mind and make sure that your outfit matches the event you have chosen.

Please have your passport with you, if you like to stay at the cosplay ball after 12 a.m.


Please be aware, that the dresscode is mandatory. The english version is being worked on, but you can view the german version in the meantime here: Dresscode 2020 ger

If you have specific questions you can contact the dresscode team by mail Don't be afraid to ask.

Dance Workshop

You like to repeat your knowledge or you still have to adopt the necessary elegant dance steps? Don't worry! On Saturday of DoKomi we offer dance crash courses, so you can learn the most common standard dances quick and easy. Certainly you can present yourself from the best side in the evening at the Cosplay Ball!

Time Group
12 p.m. Advanced
1 p.m. Beginner
2 p.m. Middle Age
4 p.m. Beginner

A prior registration is ** not ** necessary. Just arrive punctually to the hall XY in the CCD South, Stadthalle.

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