DoKomi Cosplayball 2018

Ball of roses

Hello Dear friends!

Have you heard? The courtycard invites you to dance again!

It is because our cherished royal couple said „yes“ 10 years ago. Can you remember how all flowers awoke and the music emphasized the alluring future’s softly sprouting dreams?

In memory of this occasion we want to gather at the Congress Center Düsseldorf May 19th 2018 again. Our Ballroom’s doors will open at 8pm.

Let us celebrate that Love can be stronger than any disagreement, any misfortune and any henchmen who is making trouble in our Kingdom at DoKomi.

Ball of Roses shall be our beloved Ball’s theme this year!

We kindly ask our guests to hold onto our dress code. Further information can be found here. You can send your questions to our event’s team if you use a electronical carrier pidgeon – preferably white.

A warning ahead: In order to allow our royal couple to have an incredibly beautiful evening we can’t allow guests without matching clothes to pass – despite having a valid ticket. Our hard-working guards will check everything exactly. If your one true love is not able to join our Ball of Roses and can’t accompany you, our lovely Maids from the Lucky Chocolate and the charming Hosts from our Sweet Spice Hostclub will happily join you. They will be waiting for you to ask them for a dance on our dancefloor. Also: work up the courage to ask other guests for a dance even if you are a shy person.

For everyone who does not only want to bloom while dancing but also want to show off how far they have grown: fight through our thicket filled with thorns of mini games and challenges in ordert to become the glorious victor!

If your growing sympathy between you and your partner starts to take roots, help yourself to refresh at the bar – with Lovedrinks if you like. We are looking forward to your attendance for this important festivity!

Your DoKomi Cosplayball Team!

Important notice:

Programm Öffnungszeiten
Entry 07 p.m.
Opening 08 p.m.
Ending 02 a.m.

The ball and the disco are taking place at the same time, so you won’t be able to take part in both events. Keep this in mind and make sure that your outfit matches the event you have chosen.

If you want to stay at the ball after 12 a .m., you must have a passport with you to show that you are above 18 years old.

All pictures from the last cosplayballs

Mahou no Yoru (Christmasball)

If you don't get enough from our Cosplayball, you have the opportunity, to participate at our Christmasball every winter. !

We look forward to see you!

For more informations click HERE.