Character Design Contest

Create your own character!

The Character Design Contest gives you the opportunity to create your own character! It's generally popular among the artists and authors of fanfictions and doujinshi. The fanarts can lead to very interesting and creative results.

Design an original character! Draw him/her and add a description. Show us, why this character is special in your eyes!


The Character Design Contest 2019 has a topic! Your character is supposed to be a role model for children. The character is now entirely up to your creativity.

From now on you can send in your character here. There will be a confirmation e-mail for successfully received submissions. Deadline is the 12th of May 2019.

Please first read our Rules for Participation. The winners will be announced at DoKomi and published on the website after the con!

Please continue to check the Design Rules and Examples. (Mr. Schlamp is of course no role model for children ;) )

Participate now!

If you have further questions about the Character Design Contest, check out our FAQ first. If you can not find the answer there, Annika will be pleased to help you via E-Mail.


There are attractive prizes to be won by our sponsors!

  • 1. Place: Sponsor package worth at least 150 €.
  • 2. Place: Sponsor package worth at least 100 €.
  • 3. Place: Sponsor package worth at least 75 €.
  • 4. Place: Sponsor package worth at least 50 €.
  • 5. Place: Sponsor package worth at least 25 €.

Winners of the past years