Character Design Contest

Invent your own character!

At our character design contest you may compose your own character! It's something, that's generally popular among fanartists and authors of fanfictions and doujinshi. As long as it's not a Mary-Sue, it's a very fascinating topic with interesting results.

Design an original character, draw 1-2 pictures of him or her and ad a description. Show us, why this character is something special in your eyes.

The best overall result will be rewarded with a nice sponsoring package! We are looking forward to your contest entries.


Participate now (german only)!

From the 1st of January this site will include a form to submit your works. Only submissions via this form can be regarded. Deadline for submission is the 1st of March 2017! Please read our participation rules first! [times will be updated]

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Winners 2014: Place 1 - 3

1. Platz

2. Platz

3. Platz