IMPORTANT!DoKomi 2020 will be postponed to September 26th and 27th, 2020. Click here for further information.

Character Design Contest

Create your own character!

The Character Design Contest gives you the opportunity to create your own character! It's generally popular among the artists and authors of fanfictions and doujinshi. The fanarts can lead to very interesting and creative results.

Design an original character! Draw him/her and add a description. Show us, why this character is special in your eyes! For the character design contest 2020 draw us your personal enemy stereotype. Merge your every day enemies into one person. Deskripe why this person is your worst nightmare.


From 1st of January 2020 you can submit your characters here. Deadline for submission will be the 8th of August 2020 (Sunday)! Please read our participation rules first! Please continue to look at the design rules and examples of the contest. The winners will be announced at the DoKomi and within seven days after the con on our website. For questions about this contest, please have a look at our FAQ. Or Annika will be glad to help you by E-Mail.


Our prices for 2020 will be announced shortly.

The winners of 2019

First place:
Anna-Christina Weström

Second place:
Veronika Sudmann

Third place:
Lena Zehnpfennig

Fourth place*:
Stiv Vekic

Fifth place:
Anna-Luise Berndt

Winners of the past years