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About Cosplay-Tables

The Cosplayscene is growing and we decided to support that beyond our enormous efforts so far. Besides our commitment to promote the international exchange of Cosplayers by invitations, we want to present you a new Project: The Cosplay Tables!

In the context of the cosplay tables, we offer interested cosplayers from Germany, Europe and worldwide slots on fixed stands to organise meet & greets and sell their own merchandise and prints.

This is an addition to our already extremely popular artist alley, but more tailored to the needs of cosplayers. Because we realize that many do not want to spend the convention weekend behind a stand to sell prints or meet fans and friends. In this way you have the opportunity to perform this in a given period and otherwise enjoy the convention for yourself!

The timeslots are limited to a maximum of 2 hours and the booths are limited to a fixed size. The best of all: No costs attached! Only a valid Dokomi-Ticket is necessary, which you’ve purchased beforehand. (So we know, that no timeslots will stay unused :3)

We will assign the available timeslots on a quoted way. A fixed percentage amount will be assigned to each German, European and global cosplayers.

By doing so, we want to support our local community, but also provide the opportunity for more international cosplayers to use DoKomi as a platform for presentation for their works and passion.