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DoKomi-TV @ Youtube

Doki-chan, your personal DoKomi guide, will lead you through the bright con-world of the “DoKomi”!

What you will see and discover are many great offers like showacts and schedules for our stages you are able to experience with great joy. Furthermore, you can join exclusive interviews with honored guests, cosplayers and more interesting personalities with fun stories to be told.

Moreover you can take a look behind the scenes of such a pulsing con: witness hard work and anecdotes of our organizers and energetic helpful stuff. There is always a lot action going on! :3

We want to share joy and some of our adventures - a part of DoKomi’s hearts - with you over the whole year! So the channel will be filled with new videos every now and then. :3

News about the next DoKomi will be especially exciting! Get ready for a lot of changes and surprises! Does your heart beat faster with every thought about Dokomi just like ours do? *dokidoki*

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