Cosplaystar from Malaysia

Malaysia's sweetest cosplaystar ** Angie ** joins us at DoKomi! :D

She has been cosplaying since 2008 and is a frequent and popular guest throughout Asia. Of course she sews all her cosplays by herself, always with the aim to improve her abilities. Among other things, she is also well known as "Ringo-chan" and works since 2012 at the AFA Malaysia Maid Cafe 'Moe Moe Kyun'. For that reason alone she already fits perfectly to our DoKomi and we are very happy to welcome her for the first time in Europe!

So do not miss your chance to meet her in Germany for the first time! : 3

Weitere Infos zu Angie

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Wher and when?

Don't miss the chance to meet Angie in Germany for the first time! She will be holding photo sessions and meet&greets where you can have a conversation with her or grab some hot goodies!


Möchtest Du Angie in Deutschland erleben und zudem Zugang zur gesamten DoKomi, dem vollen Bühnenprogramm, allen Workshops, über 500 Zeichnern, Merchandise und dem ganzen Rahmenprogramm erhalten?

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