Aza Miyuko

Cosplayer from Korea

We welcome to Korea's most popular cosplayer Aza to DoKomi 2019!

As part of the cosplayteam Acrowncos, Aza has cosplayed many different characters. Especially gaming characters from games like Overwatch and League of Legends are part of her repertoire!

Aza has started cosplaying in early middle school. She pays lots of attention to wig styling and make-up, as you can see in her pictures. She also took also part in 2014's WCS as part of Team Korea!

Although she is a very popular guest at Asian conventions, this is her first time ever as a cosplay guest in Europe! And she will join you guys at DoKomi 2019 to share her love for Cosplay.

Aza Miyuko

More info about Aza Miyuko

Where and when?

Don't miss the chance to meet Aza Miyuko for the first time in Germany! She will be holding photo sessions and meet&greets where you can have a conversation with her or grab some hot goodies!


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