Unser deutscher Anime-DJ


DjKnuX is a DJ and event organizer from Germany. He started DJing in 2008 and since 2011 he has been focusing on Japanese music, especially Anison and different types of electronic music. He became the first regular DJ of DoKomi in 2011 and took over the management of this subevent in 2014 which is now known as J-Rave. Besides the DoKomi J-Rave, he has also performed at various other events in Germany, the Netherlands and even in Japan. In 2018 he performed at 3 events during a trip to Japan including Anisphere, an event held at the legendary club MOGRA in Akihabara. Recently, DjKnuX has mostly been heard again at online events, including DigiKomi 2021 and the digital "Pon de Beats" events.