Hatsune Miku in Germany!

Magical Mirai 2018 TOKYO

Magical Mirai TOKYO 2018


For all fans of Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin & Len & Co we present you something very special at DoKomi 2019! In cooperation with Crypton Future Media, we are officially and exclusively to show "Magical Mirai 2018" at the convention! It will be a recording of the 2018 concert in Tokyo, which we are allowed to screen at the convention.

After the successful Miku Expo last year, we received numerous requests to expand our program for fans of Hatsune Miku & Vocaloid at DoKomi. As part of this collaboration, we can offer the German and European fans not only a new program point, but also an official platform to meet likeminded Mikufans.

So show us that Hatsune Miku is still popular in Germany and the Miku Expo absolutely has to return! Be part of the official screening, show that you are real fans and come in a vocaloid themed cosplay or even bring your Miku Itasha. [we know you have one! :3]

Meanwhile we are working on further surprises for you in the background, because we wish that the fan scene around Miku & Co will continue to grow and stay lively! We would like to thank Crypton Future Media for the chance to offer a platform for this great subculture!

The exact times and location of the screening will be announced in the program schedule!


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