IMPORTANT!DoKomi 2020 will be postponed to September 26th and 27th, 2020. Click here for further information.

One of the most popular Odottemita dancers!


Please keep in mind that this guest changed his participation to DoKomi 2021.

Melochin is a japanese Odottemita dancer who has been active since the beginning of Odottemita. His dance style is very energetic and has a certain POP to it :D It is no surprise that he is one of the most famous Odottemita dancers!

In 2010 he uploaded his famous and popular choreography for the song "Happy Synthesizer" by the vocaloid GUMI.

Of course, he collaborated with many of your favorite Odottemita dancers (such as SLH, ATY, Penta, ANDY, Ririri and many more)!

We look forward to welcoming him together with the dancer Penta at DoKomi 2020!

Take a look at his Elect Cover ♥
Take a look at his newest dance ♥

At DoKomi 2014 the group dance of the dance off was presented for the first time and it was a choreography by Melochin (Happy Synthesizer)! (Further information about the group dance at our Dance Off page and DoKomi twitter and Instagram: 3)

Social Media

Don't forget to check out Melochin's social media accounts ! :3


When and where?

Melochin has decided to postpone his participation in DoKomi to 2021. We look forward to welcoming him to Düsseldorf!