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Mitsunori Zaki is professional mangaka from Japan. He is known for his manga series "shonen no zankyo", which was published by the manga magazine "Sirius" at Kodansha. He had his debut in 2010 with the publisher "GANGAN -IXA-" from SQUARE ENIX. Another well-known manga series drawn by him are "Shushu Kitan Itto", "Itto Vorspiel", "Itto to Lily" and "ROSE GUNS DAYS Last Season", where he illustrated a manga to Ryukishi07's popular novel!

He also worked for the official manga anthology "Final Fantasy XV" (Volume 2, KADOKAWA)!

At Dokomi he is organizing his own exhibition for the first time and will show you his drawing technique based on his original manga pages (some of them are even for sale! An unique opportunity!).

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Where and when?

Mitsunori Zaki will be present at his own booth right next to his manga exhibition. The original merchandise is sold there and you can also ask him if he would draw something just for you.

Furthermore, two panels will take place at the workshop area. Mitsunori Zaki will use his manga to tell you a lot about manga and its topic / concept (Saturday) and its technology digital / analog (Sunday)! You are welcome to join the discussion :)


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