Japan's biggest J-Electro Producer at DoKomi!

Yasutaka Nakata (feat. Momo Mashiro)

Yasutaka Nakata LIVE in Germany!


What do the famous artists Kyari Pamy Pamyu, Perfume, CAPSULE, Kizuna Ai or DAOKO have in common? They all have either been produced by or collaborted with Yasutaka Nakata, one of the most famous music producers of Japan. Who now will join DoKomi in an exclusive anime convention World Tour!

【Yasutaka Nakata profile】

He is a major protagonist of the Japanese electro scene, and while delivering an offensive sound with a distinctive distortion, he is also the founder of Kawaii electronic music, which has produced many derivatives throughout the world. As a producer, he put out artists such as "Kyary Pamyu Pamyu" and "Perfume" to the world.

The unit "CAPSULE" started in 2001 and triggered by his "Nakata Yasutaka Sound" not only in Japan but also all over the world, many Nakata Yasuta children were born. Active in the forefront of foreign artists such as Madeon, Porter Robinson or Sophie (PC Music), they also mentioned Yakata Nuka as "a strongly inspiring artist".

Japan's first Ultra Music Festival world official anthem released by solo name, provided music to the 2016 Rio closing ceremony "Crazy Crazy" featuring the world-famous singer Charli XCX. It also became the theme song of the movie "who". Nakata has released "Nokimono (feat. Yonezu Genshi)" and the song "Network of Bokura" under the name of DAOKO x Yasutaka Nakata, who became an insertion song for the game "Dragaria Lost". In addition to remixing various artists such as Zedd and Steve Aoki, he also worked on a co-produced song with director JJ Abrams in the Hollywood movie "Star Trek Into Darkness".

In 2018, he released his own album "Digital Native", which included the colorful song "White Cube" featuring a vocal cut-up that can be said to be the 18th of Nakata Yasutaka. Both the iTunes general charts and the electronic charts recorded the first place.

Its activities are diverse, from movies to games to pop scenes, with a unique style that cuts down on the club scene as a core.

Some of his most famous projects like CAPSULE, Perfume or Kyari Pamyu Pamyu have become worldwide stars and influenced a whole generation of japanese music and idols!

Just now he also collaborated with the famous virtual idol Kizuna Ai and produced her song AIAIAI! This song will also be featured during his concert at the JRave!

His live performance will be accompied by Momo Mashiro, a brand new artist from Asobi Systems! Get into the hype with the following video from his album "Digital Native":

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【中田ヤスタカ / Yasutaka Nakata】

【眞白桃々 / Momo Mashiro】

【Kizuna Ai】


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