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Toshio Maeda at DoKomi 2020! We are very happy to announce that Toshio Maeda (** "Urotsukidoji, La Blue Girl, … **") will be our guest at DoKomi 2020 in Düsseldorf! Thanks to ** AnimeHouse ** friendly support! So if you always wanted to get drawn something with tentacles or would like to talk to him, you should not miss this opportunity!

The autographs are free. First come first served system :)

If you want to participate in a Meet & Greet with Toshio, you should visit the booth of * AnimeHouse * at DoKomi 2020 and register for it personally. At dinner on Friday and Saturday you can enjoy interesting conversations in a cozy atmosphere. Participation is limited to about 6-8 people, everyone has to pay for their food themselves.

A special kind of panel will be held for the first time at a German convention. For adults only (in Dokomi's 18+ area) Toshio Maeda will not only tell a few stories about his works, but will also be happy to answer adult questions.

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Where and when?

Toshio Maeda will write autographs at the booth of ** AnimeHouse ** and will be there for you for any questions. There will also be some exclusive offers and panels / workshops with him at the 18+ Area. What exactly this will be, will be announced separately. :)


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