Doujinshika / Illustrator


Again this year we celebrate our collaboration with the Comiket in Tokyo and especially with the IOEA, the International Otaku Expo Association. Together with them we bring every year Japanese Doujinshika and Illustrators to the DoKomi.

One of these Doujinshika this year is Zekkyou from Hakkeky Sekkekyu (Japanese for white and red blood cells).

Main works:

  • とらドラ!コミカライズ(作 竹宮ゆゆこ・絵 ヤス) Tora-Dora! Comicarize (Autor: Yuyuko Takemiya, artist: Yasu)
  • JUTTEN!(オリジナル) JUTTEN! (Original)
  • ソーシャルゲームイラスト他 (social game-illustrations)

Aktivitäten als Dojinshika:

  •  黒子のバスケ(高尾×緑間) Kuroko no Basket (Takao x Midorima)
  •  名探偵コナン(降谷×工藤) Meitantei Conan, Detektiv Conan (Furuya x Kudo)
  •  アズールレーン、オリジナル他 Azur Lane, Originale

more info about Zekkyou

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Where and when?

The Doujinshika will be found in the "Japanese Doujinshi Area" in the Drawing Alley in Hall 13. There you will present your works, sign them and be available to answer your questions.