Character Auction

Offer yourself!

At DoKomi you can take part in a very special auction. We don't sell some kind of rubbish or junk here. No, the people will bid on YOU!

But don't be scared! We only auction those who want to and everything is well mannered. If you take part in our character auction, the person who bids the most will get the right to spend 2 hours with you. This can be fun to meet new people, do a photoshoot together, play around in the gaming hall or eat cake in our maid café.

It's called character auction for a reason! You can either present yourself as the character you are cosplaying or as a Bishounen / Bishoujo.

The total amount of money raised is always given to a charitable organisation. So you can have fun on stage, but also support a humanitarian project!

You're all fired up now? Then sign up at DoKomi for the character auction or bid for characters on the stage!

When and where?

Coming soon.

Organisations previous DoKomis

2021 - Flood victims in Germany

2019 - ALMA Tokyo Tierheim

2018 - Japanisches Begegnungs- und Hilfsnetzwerk Takenokai e.V.

2017 - Deutsch-Japanisches Synergieforum Sanriku Fukkou

2016 - DJG Dortmund

2015 - Kappa Dojo

DigiKomi Charityprojects

2021 - Plant for Planet