Character Auction

Auction yourself!

At DoKomi you can take part in a very special auction. We don't sell some kind of rubbish here, the people will bid on YOU!

Don't be scared! We're gonna auction only those who want to and everything is well mannered. If you take part in our character auction, the person who bids the most will get the right to spend some time with you. (2 hours) For this, you enter our main stage and the people in the audience will name their bids.

It's called character auction for a reason! You can either present yourself as the character you are cosplaying (great for fans of that character in the audience) or as a Bishounen / Bishoujo. The total amount of money raised is always given to a charitable cause. So you will not only have fun on the stage, but also support a humanitarian project! (2015: japanese organisation Kappa Dojo)

You're all fired up already? The register yourself at our information desk at DoKomi 2018 and join the character auction!

Oh, and did you know we raised over 2000,- € trough this character auction last year?