DoKomi Cosplayball 2016

Spring Awakening

Dear dance- and music friends, no matter if you are humans or magical creatures.

Spring is the harbinger of summer with its magnificent flowers and colours, so it’s the most beautiful time of the year.
Celebrate with us the beginning of spring and let’s enter a world of myths and fairies after a long and cold winter. Experience an evening full of bright colours, mixed sounds and enjoy the exuberant, relaxed atmosphere.

We invite you to the Royal Spring Festival "dance into May", and hope that lots of you will come, celebrate and spend an unforgettable evening with us.
Let’s welcome the spring!
You can look forward to a successful mixture of music from the genres of musical, anime, games and movies. And you can also look forward to friends coming from far away who want to fascinate you with their fabulous costumes and dancing perfomances.

As usual there is only one topic which is shown in the decoration, the program and the music.
As always nobody is forced to wear costumes representing the topic of the ball. We would be delighted to see clothes representing the topic and if you wear such a costume, you will get the chance to win little spring-themed prizes.

We would like to remind you to stick to our  Icon dress code (36.7 KB)  in order to maintain the atmosphere. 

If you have any questions about the dress code or our ball, don’t hesitate to contact us (

Of course, it is wonderful to celebrate the beginning of spring with a beloved one. If you don’t have a partner for ball, please don’t worry. Just check the Meet-the-People.

Here's a little hint: The ball and the disco take place tat the same time, so it is impossible to take part in these two evening events. So make sure that you decide on one of these and choose your outfit according to it.

For further examples of outfits that comply with the dresscode, check out our gallery on facebook!