New date for DoKomi! June 4th + 5th 2022Ticket sale starts in December!

Creamy's Castle

Homage to Takeshi's Castle at DoKomi!

Please note that this certain program cannot take place this year due to COVID-19 for safety reasons.

Well, who remembers the trashy-funny TV-show "Takeshi's Castle"? Since DoKomi 2017 we indulge in memories and bring the fun of the gaming show again to our convention!

Conquer Creamy's Castle by passing through all our action-packed stations!

XXL Swipe Track

A 60 meter long XXL obstacle parkour, which is to be overcome in a short time! Prove yourself in skill and speed and don't fall off the given path!

Bumper Ball Parkour

Life could be so simple and easy. Is not that hard! But you are packed in oversized bubbleballs that make your navigation difficult. Well you can not have everything so easy…

Gladiators - Arena

Only the strongest can win and advance to the next round. In the 1 vs 1 battle only one person can be a winner. Stay in the ring and try to kick out the opponent.

Finale in Lasertag

You made it! Oh well, not quite yet. In the finale you have to fight in our lasergame arena against Emperor Creamy and his experienced bodyguards. Beat all guards and Creamy to conquer the castle!


Many thanks to Kuka & Fräulein W for the lovely illustrations of our maskots.