Creamy's Castle

Homage to Takeshi's Castle at the DoKomi!

Well, who remembers the trashy-funny TV-show "Takeshi's Castle"? At the DoKomi2017 we indulge in memories! Not only do we take "Creamy's Castle" as our main theme, but also you can experience the show at the Con!

Occupy the Creamy's Castle by passing through all our action-packed stations!

XXL Swipe Track

A 60 meter long XXL Parkour, which is to be overcome in a short time! Prove your skill and do not fall off before the start!

Bumper Ball Parkour

Life could be so simple and easy. Run along a straight line.. Is not that hard! If you were not packed into oversized bubbleballs that make your navigation difficult. And did we mention that the line is watched by grim guards? Well you can not have everything so easy..

Gladiators - Arena

Only the stronger can win and advance to the next round. In the 1 VS 1 duel only one person can be a winner. Stay in the ring and try to kick out the opponent. Als only tool you can use oversized mitten.

Finale in Lasergame

You made it! Oh well, not quite yet. In the finale you have to fight in our lasergame arena against Emperor Creamy and his experienced bodyguards. Beat all guards and Creamy to occupy the castle!

Where and when?

There will be four runs in total, 2 per day. Outside the run area, other many attractions for practicing and fun are available to all visitors. All finalists of Creamy Castle will be celebrated with fame and honor, as well as the official conqueror-shirt!


Many thanks to Kuka & Fräulein W, lovely illustrations of our maskotts, and also to Happy Rent, support of this programme.