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Itasha Exhibition

Colorful Anime cars!

Itasha are the ultimative proof of a true anime fan! They come in every form imaginable - sports car, motorcycle or mini!

The trend to decorate one’s car with one’s favourite characters has been existing in Japan for a long time, but nowadays companies like Crypton Media (Vocaloid) or racing teams also have discovered Itasha for themselves. That's why we present you our DoKomi Itasha, too!

Since 2016 we have hosted a Itasha exhibition at DoKomi to create a platform for the European scene. To do that, we are working closely together with N.G.E Itasha (Network for German and European Itasha), a young community from this scene.

Maybe you feel like becoming a part of this cool trend, too?

N.G.E Itasha (Network for German and European Itasha)

What are Itasha?

The term “Itasha” derives from the Japanese words itai, which means “painful”, and sha for “car”. The “painful” mainly refers to the purse of the owner, as car wrappings are quite expensive. Itasha are vehicles that are ornated with characters from manga, anime or video games. The vehicles are divided into three categories: Itasha for cars, Itansha for motorcycles and Itachari for bicycles (during the further course of the text, all three of the types are being referred to as “Itasha”). Originating in Japan and spreading across the Asian continent to the USA, the Itasha scene is growing strongly. Even in motor racing, Itashas are no longer a rarity and there are whole professional racing teams in the Itasha style.

How was the group founded?

A model and incentive for the founding of the group were international groups and websites as well as the existence of pure Itasha events in non-European countries. When we created the group, there were, to our knowledge, neither German nor European Itasha groups, just Asian, American or international ones in which many Europeans participated. That made us decide to establish our own group, starting with Facebook.

The path and goals of N.G.E. Itasha

The goal of our group is to bring together both German and European owners and fans of Itasha to, in the long run, create a European Itasha event. A first step into that direction was our first meeting on the DoKomi 2016 in Germany. Among our currently 85 members (as of 29.11.16) are, besides many Germans, Italians, French, Dutch and Spaniards. The community is growing steadily and to reach interested people outside of Social Media, we are working on our own website at the moment.