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Workshops, Performances and more!

K-POP Area

Second round for our K-Pop Area!

In our K-Pop Area you can meet other K-Pop fans in a separate area, take part in workshops and much more!

K-POP Area 2020


SeoulStation Tanzstudio - Germany’s first and only K-POP dedicated dance studio is looking forward to inspire K-POP fans through six pulsating dance lessons, an exciting Random Dance Challenge and a team showcase performance at Dokomi 2020!

Zoe, Minh and Yayi will help you hone your dance skills and are thrilled to welcome you to join us in the RDC!

SeoulStationTanz - where Soul meets Seoul!

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Alison Hina

Alison is a dancer who is passionate about covering k-pop dances, especially those of girl groups or soloists like ChungHa. She started covering dances in 2013 and has been actively uploading K-Pop videos since 2017!

Alison is a very open and funny person !

She looks like a very cute person, but she is not afraid to express her passion at all!

She will hold a K-Pop workshop for the first time at Dokomi this year! Whether you are a beginner or not: She invites everyone to her workshop and is looking forward to dance with you.

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Some of her dance covers:

ITZY - ICY (Cover)

EVERGLOW - Adios (Cover)

Yosakoi Dance Workshop

Yosakoi is a traditional dance style that is often performed at Japanese festivals. Large groups perform on stage or in the form of a parade. Lots of modern influences make the choreographies trendy and fun. Everyone can take part in the Yosakoi workshop, whether they are beginners or advanced.

(this is not a KPOP workshop; even if it is officially a KPOP area, the Yosakoi workshop will be held there due to Covid-19 influences)

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Social media of our workshop leader Sharon:

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A few Yosakoi dance videos:

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

!!! They may be workshops at the K-Pop area that are not K-Pop reated.