DoKomi Dance Area

Workshops, Performances and more!

In the DoKomi Dance Area there are great dance workshops, random dance challenges and many showcases!

No matter if K-Pop, Odottemita, Yosakoi, Bon Odori, Wotagei etc. every dance style related to Japan or Asia is welcomed here.

No pre-registration for workshops etc. is required.

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Dance Area 2023

The application period will start in December.

Dance Area 2022

Seoulstation, Shapgang, Ace, Naho, Miracle of Revenge, Starry, Iridescent Wings, Suga Twins, Michin Cr3w, Ray, B4Dancing, Yuzu


K-Pop & Dance Area 2021:

Seoulstation, Shapgang, Pastelgirls, Koyuki Mizuno


K-POP Area 2020:

SeoulStation, Alison Hina, Yosakoi Dance Workshop