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Maid Café

Lucky Chocolate

"Okaerinasaimase Goshujin-sama & Ojou-sama!"

Visit our Lucky Chocolate Maid Café and let yourself be introduced into the world of Japanese maid cafés! Around 40 adorable maids will serve you delicious sweet food like cakes, pies and more sweets, which will be decorated with lots of love by our skilled maids. Of course fun mini-games are part of the experience as well!

Enjoy the entertainment program within the maid café: Our maids will present various singing and dancing performances. Maybe one of the maids will even sing for you acapella, if you manage to win against her in a round of Jan-Ken-Pon!

You're already curious? You definitely shouldn't miss out this special experience!

Moe Moe Kyun! ^-^

Tickets for the Maid Café

The entrance to the Maid Café is free, but due to the great popularity, you need an entrance voucher to enter the Maid Café. We therefore want to offer all our guests a pleasant and stress-free stay in the café, without long queues and waiting.

DoKomi Saturday and DoKomi Sunday you will get admission vouchers for the Maid Café for the respective day at the DoKomi-Info in Hall 15 in the morning. Due to the high demand we recommend to be there early to get an admission voucher.

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