Maid-Café "Lucky Chocolate"

Okaerinasaimase Goshujin-Sama

Visit our Maid-Cafe "Lucky Chocolate" and let yourself be introduced in the world of japanese Maid-Cafes by one of our 30 adorable Maids. You'll find delicious sweet food like cakes, tarts, melonpan and more which will be decorated with lot's of love by our skilled Maids. Of course cute mini-games are part of the experience as well!

Enjoy the entertainment program within the Cafe: Our maids will present various singing and dancing skits or play the guitar while you enjoy your coffee or bubble tea. Maybe one of the girls will even sing for you acapella, if you manage to win against her in a round of Jan Ken Pon!

You're already curious? You definitely shouldn't miss out this special experience!

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