Demonstration & Workshop by Benkei Naginata Kyoshitsu

The Naginata is a pole weapon from the Japanese Middle Age, which is performed with both hands in powerful cutting movements. It is over two meters long and consists of the pole, a sword blade at one end and a tip at the other.

The word Naginata refers both to the weapon itself and to the martial art that teaches how to deal with it. This is characterized by large circular movements and the skillful use, which allows a variety of counter techniques. Quick hand changes can attack the opponent from all sides and from head to toe. In addition to physical activities, Naginata brings personality development.

In Naginata there are two forms of competition disciplines: the form running and the arms race. Both will be shown in the demonstration. In the workshop you can do the first "Naginata" attempts yourself.

When and where?

Coming soon.