Our showprogram

The main stage

At DoKomi 2017 we will continue with our wide and creative showprogram. We place importance on a maximum of entertaining. Beside our cosplay contests and the official Dance Off contest as well as our character auction there will be a range of singers and showacts performing. On this site you find at the beginning of 2017 an overview about our guests and the showprogram, which will be updated bit by bit.

Our showacts:

Here you will find an overview about the announced showacts at DoKomi 2017! The timetable will be updated bit by bit, as soon all times stand firm. But to fuel your anticipation you can look a bit through their websites and social media channels. Enjoy!

Application as a showact

The deadline for applications is the 31th of January 2017. We are always pleased to offer aspiring artists and unusual talents a stage.

Send application! (German form only)


11:00 Opening Event
12:00 Dance-Off-Contest
13:00 Serenata
14:30 DCM
17:15 DCM award ceremony
17:30 SunnySings
18:15 VII ARC
10:45 Hashtex
11:45 Character Auction
13:00 Cosplay-Contest
15:15 Dance-Off-Contest
16:15 Shiroku
17:15 Wettbewerbe award ceremony
17:30 Closing Event