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Wild Life Open World RPG

Candy Valley Network

Candy Valley Network is a German indiegame studio in Berlin that creates video games for adults.

Christian Wagenfeldt and Stefan Ehrenhaus have always shared a passion for RPGs. In 2016, they founded the new gaming studio Candy Valley Network together. Their first game "WildLife" is currently in development and crowdfunding. With our growing team of game developers, storytellers, and designers, we aim to redefine and establish adult games in the gaming industry.

Wild Life

Wild Life is an open-world role-playing game with a focus on explicit adult content. On the edge of the inhabited galaxy lies a forgotten planet called Kerpal. Here primitive humans live side by side with powerful animal hybrids in a very delicate balance. When scientists from the modern inner worlds search for a lost research station on Kerpal, this fragile balance is threatened. Take on the role of young Max, a rookie member of the security team assigned to assist the scientists, and uncover the fabled secrets of Kerpal in the process! Or learn about the world of Kerpal through Maya's eyes, the mysterious warrior daughter who makes her home in the seemingly endless grassy plains. Experience the captivating main story and the countless side quests, embellished with explicit and erotic scenes. Or simply let your creativity run free in the sandbox, where you can discover almost limitless possibilities.

A very special feature is the integration of interactive sex toys that are directly connected to the game.

Together with Lovense, the goal is to provide the player with a new kind of gaming experience.

Lovense is a world leading sex tech company dedicated to creating interactive sex toys in conjunction with an innovative software environment. By uniting cutting-edge technology with the latest research in sexual wellness, Lovense is redefining our most familiar pleasures. We invite you on a unique adventure! Celebrate the festival of love with the inhabitants of the planet Kerpal, share their wildest experiences and feel their rip-roaring passion. Experience incredible immersion by combining Lovense Toys with Wild Life gameplay. Let yourself be carried away into a world full of dangers and surprising pleasures.

Wild Life Adult

Candy Valley Network