Interactive Live-Streams

You do not want to miss a minute of the Live Stage during the DoKomi, then you will always be able to turn on Twitch and experience the Live Stage program from anywhere. Be it for a quick meal or a visit to the Nordpark, with DoKomi TV you will not miss anything. In addition, the Twitch Chat offers the opportunity to exchange ideas with others and to influence the stream. Even for people who unfortunately can not make it to the convention, we offer the possibility to become a part of the DoKomi 2021 with the Livestream.

Have a look in our gaming streams in several games e.g. League of Legends and Overwatch. But not only we will game alone, we also like to play with / against you! Let's have a good match together!

In DoKomi Talk our team will be regularly available for your questions, suggestions and background storys. In this way you can follow and co-determine the formation process of DoKomi. Because this convention is only for you and because of you! By this way we want to maintain the exchange of ideas.

We are looking forward to share much of fun with you!

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