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MeseMoa is a japanese Odorite, Idol group, who started 2012 under the name "Musumen" with covering songs from the J-Pop band "Morning Musume". With their cover of "Ren'ai Hunter" they received overwhelming reactions but moreover they got 400.000 views. Thus they climbed to the 1st place in the Odottemita-Category from Nico Nico Douga!

Meanwhile, that 9-man band performes their own songs.

They performed live for the first time shortly after their debut single "War Cry~Idol Kidori de Nani ga Warui!~". A year later, the talented guys released their first own album and also went on a nationwide tour!

They performed 2015 in front of 2.222 people and now they'll come to the DoKomi!

Convince yourself of the boys' moves and get thrilled at the DoKomi!

Watch their video to "Muddy Water" ♥
Watch their video to "Traffic Jam“ ♥


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When and Where?

The time schedule of their performances will be announced.