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Our ticket prices

We always make all efforts to keep our ticket prices as low as possible, to make it possible for everyone to visit DoKomi. You can decide how much you like to pay by yourself1)!


Ticket Discounted presale Online presale Late presale
Weekend 45,- €(sold out) 49,- €(sold out) 55,- €(sold out)
Saturday 32,- €(sold out) 35,- €(sold out) 37,- €(sold out)
Sunday 30,- €(sold out) 33,- €(sold out) 35,- €(sold out)
JRave 13,- €(sold out) 15,- €(sold out) 17,- €(sold out)
Cosplayball 25,- €(sold out) 25,- € (sold out) sold out

1) You can modify the ticket price by yourself in order to get cool, limited extras. Besides of this, you also allow us to improve your experience at DoKomi, for example by inviting more special guests or improving the decoration. You can even pay a little less if you want to keep your money for something else.

2) Time window Discounted presale: 27.11.2021 - 31.12.2021; Time window Online presale 1.1.2022 - 15.05.2022; Time window Late presale 15.05.2022 - 05.06.2022.

3) A small order fee of 2€ will be charged additionally per order.

Important note on buying tickets via other platforms


Tickets for DoKomi were resold on many platforms last year. This is basically possible, but we would like to point out that unfortunately there are some scammers among the sellers.

If you still want to buy tickets from others:

  • Pay attention to the seller's ratings and how long the account has existed.
  • Let the seller send you the short ticket number (usually 5 digits) and ask DoKomi support whether the ticket is legitimate. Ideally, send us the name of the seller, too so that we can check whether the ticket belongs to the person.
  • Never send photos of you, especially not with your ID card, to other people, even if requested.
  • Furthermore, receiving a photo of the seller with an ID card is not reliable proof that the seller is real.
  • Be aware, that with payment methods such as "Send money to friends or family via PayPal" you barely have a chance of getting your money back in case of fraud.

These precautions apply to any kind of online purchases :) So be careful!