Tickets for DoKomi 2017

The Presale:

Our ticket presale will be public available from 1th October 2017 around 8pm (UTC+1) on this website.

We are looking forward seeing you.

Pay what you want - our ticket system:

As the first Japan-convention in Europe we offer the possibility to actively influence the development of DoKomi. You can decide yourself, what you would like to pay for your tickets. Get more information about how it works and why we chose to do this here:

Why did you guys develop this system?

Everyone knows the DoKomi tries to keep the ticket prices as low as possible. We want to enable visitors of all kind to participate - no matter what their financial background looks like.

But that also means we have very tight budgets for our program, as well as inviting japanese bands, showacts or other more expensive things. With our new system we are able to keep the prices low for the visitors with tight wallets, but at the same time we can collect reccources for an improved programm - if you want to! It's a ticket system with crowdfunding component.

How does it work?

You decide the ticket price and what participating in DoKomi is worth to you. We calculated a minimum price, with which we can hold DoKomi the way it has been over the last years at the congress center Düsseldorf. But if you wish to see more japanese guests, more decoration, an even better programm etc. you can choose a higher price to support us with enabling this. So you can influence directly what kind of programm we can show you. And the best part is: You get rewarded for your support! Whenever you cross a certain sum of support you automatically unlock "thank you" gifts. Thank you gifts (goodies) are little or bigger gifts like keychains or t-shirts. Each year we preasent new goodies. You can pick them up at DoKomi itself.

Just move the ruler on the price that you would like to pay. You always see how much you donate to your DoKomi support as well as which gifts you unlocked.

You can also see at all times which goodies you recive with the currently choosen price.

Shipping options

You can choose between three shipping options, to get your DoKomi ticket:


We send your ticket via mail together with your goodies. You get a cardboard ticket with a nice DoKomi-artwork.

Print it yourself:

If you do not want to wait for your ticket, we sent you an e-ticket which you can print out yourself. The ticket includes a barcode wich enables you to ceck in at DoKomi.