Tickets for DoKomi 2017

The Presale:

Here you can order tickets for DoKomi 2018:

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Here you can see an overview over the ticket prices due to the dicounted presale, normal presale and box office.

  • LAN-Party tickets include a full DoKomi weekend ticket as well as a Gaming Festival ticket, as well as the possibility to sleep in one of the trade fair halls from friday to monday.**
  • The prices above are just basic prices and can be changed trought the "pay what you want"-system. :3
Ticket Type Discounted Presale Normal Presale Box Office / At the Door
DoKomi Weekend 35€ 39€ 45 €
DoKomi Saturday 25€ 27€ 29€
DoKomi Sunday 23€ 25€ 27€
Cosplayball 22€ 22€ 22€
J-Rave 9€ 10€ 12€
Gaming-Festival 15€ 17€ 19€
DoKomi LAN-Party* 99€ 99€ not available
DoKomi LAN-Party Premium* 129€ 129€ not available