Food Festival

Love goes through the stomach

You love Japanese food? We, too!

If it's one thing we always look forward to experience in Japan, than that's the tasty aspects of the culture. The variety and quality is unrivalled worldwide! There is always even more to dicsover!

But we also know, that you feel the same! That's why we are going to expand our Japanese food corner and turn it into a Japanese Food Festival at DoKomi! Every time even bigger and tastier!

We try our best to bring you as much of variety of the Japanese cuisine as possible, as well as mix it up with awesome new creatons.

Together with the exhibition caterer SV Group and numerous partners, we can present you many dishes of Japanese cuisine!

Onigiri, Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki, Teriyaki Pulled Chicken Burger, fried noodles, FutoBuri, Karê (curry) and so much more are available at the food booths on the outdoor area. For the sweet ones, we can share with you Japanese crêpes, which you can find in Harajuku on every corner! But other sweets, such as Matcha waffle and ice, Dorayaki, Mochi, Pocky sticks and more can be found as snacks and for sharing.

And who misses German specialties - there are of course curry sausages, schnitzel, meatballs, burgers and hot dogs!

So much to eat! Enjoy the Food Festival!