Delicious Japan

DoKomi J-Food Festival

You love japanese food? We, too!

If it's one thing we always look forward to experience in Japan, than that's the tasty aspects of the culture. The variety and quality is unrivalled worldwide! There is always even more to dicsover!

But we also know, that you feel the same. :D (protip: you told it to us trough our crowdfunding campaign!) That's why we are going to expand our japanese Food-Corner and turn it into a japanese Food-Festival at DoKomi!

We try our best to bring you as much of variety of the japanese cuisine as possible, as well as mix it up with awesome new creatons.

What kind of delicious, tasty munchies you will be able to taste at next DoKomi? We will tell you on this page over the next months! We wish a happy nomnom!