DoKomi - Germany's Anime- and Japan Expo!

What is it all about?

Celebrate your hobby! At DoKomi in Düsseldorf you can experience a unique weekend all about anime, videogames, Japan and cosplay!

Find new friends among 40.000 other anime-fans

Ech year more andm ore fans and fandoms join the fun! For 2017 we expect more than 40.000 visitors over 2 days, which makes DoKomi the largest event of it's kind within the german speaking countries!

Join Germany's largest artist-alley

We have space for more than 700 artists, fanprojects and private fashion designers who present their works at DoKomi. Join us to create Europe's most awesome artist alley. :D

Countless exhibitors

At DoKomi we have a huge amount of professional exhibotors and dealers, who import japanese goods or present awesome gadges. You'll surely fond here what you're looking for!

Fotolocations and gatherings for cosplayers

Thenthousands of cosplayers gather at DoKomi each year. Besides featuring special cosplay contests, there are astonishing fotolocations in the adjacent "Nordpark" and we even built our own photography installments for them to enjoy. At cosplay gatherings we help you with making new friends by getting to know other fans of your favourite fandom at the convention!

Low ticket prices

We deliberately keep our ticket prices low, to be as inclusive as possible. To ensure we can give you the convention experience you wish to have, we even let you decide for yourself how much you want to pay for the event.

and much more…

Stage program, Cosplayball, Maid-Cafe, Host-Club and that's by far not everything you can experience at DoKomi! Just browse around our website and discover more. :D

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The mission

DoKomi is a platform for all kinds of fans of japanese culture! In form of a convention we bring together all kinds of different fandoms, be it cosplayers, otakus, gamers, j-fashion addicts and many more fandoms from our community together. With innovative concepts like Meet-THE-people, our new new cosplay gatherings or Germany's biggest Fan-Area featuring the artist alley and fan projects we support the exchange between our different subcultures. We want to support our fan communities among Germany and all over Europe actively and help shaping it in a positive way! When visitors, exhibitors and special guests attend and leave our convention with a smile on their faces, we know that we have done our job properly. :3

We are looking forward to seeing you at our event. :D