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What is DoKomi?

At DoKomi in Düsseldorf you can experience a unique weekend all about anime, manga, games,cosplay and Japan! Make new friends and immerse yourself in a fascinating community where you can live your passion to the full!

With above 55,000 visitors Dokomi is the most popular and largest Anime and Japan convention in Germany!

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What is the goal of the DoKomi?

The aim of DoKomi is to provide a platform for the German community of young people interested in Japan (which is mainly characterised by anime, manga, cosplay, gaming, music, etc.). A convention can bring together the most diverse groups consisting of cosplayers, otakus, gamers and Japan lovers. This will promote exchange and enrich the extremely interesting and diverse community.

We want to support the creative and productive potential of this community in Germany and Europe and give other fan projects the opportunity to present themselves and get in touch with other fans. This is the meaning of such a convention. If visitors, exhibitors and guests enter and leave DoKomi with a smile, we have achieved our goal.

In doing so, we always try to focus on innovations and to improve a little bit every year - so that it never gets boring! :3

What is the meaning of "DoKomi"?

The term "DoKomi" is an abbreviation of "Doitsu Komikku Maketto". Translated it means "German Comic Markt" it is based as a homage to the Comiket - the largest anime and manga Convention in Japan.

This is what you will experience at DoKomi:

A lot of program!

Take a look at our website or go through our old program booklets - a single writing can simple not describe everything that you can see and experience at our event

Affordable ticket prices

We keep the ticket prices as low as possible. Therefore, you have the opportunity to help determine the price yourself.

Can we show you a few highlights?

Stage program, Cosplayball, Maid Café, Host Club and much, much more can be found at DoKomi. Just have a look around our homepage!


With a ticket you have full access to all our halls, the full stage program, all workshops, over 600+ artists, merchandise and the whole entertainment program!

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