Frequently askwed questions


There are always questions that come up once in a while. Here we have collected a few of the most asked ones to answer them directly. If you don’t find your question here directly, you can always write us a mail trough as well!

General questions

What is the goal of the DoKomi?

The goal of DoKomi is to provide a platform for fans of japanese culture (which a special focus on the topics anime/manga/cosplay/fasion and music). Thus, communication shall be promoted to enrich the very interesting and diverse youth culture.

This way, we want to support the creative and productive potential of this group and give the opportunity to futher fan projects to present themselves and get in touch with each other. These are the possibilities and the sense we see in such a convention.

Thereby we always try to focus on innovation and to improve ourselves year over year – so you won't ever get bored. :3

What is the DoKomi?

The DoKomi is a meeting point for fans of anime, manga, japanese music and fashion. As a fair, the DoKomi provides a big and interactive program for the visitors. You can find a more detailed description in the section "What is the DoKomi".

When does the DoKomi take place?

The next DoKomi takes place on 19rd and 20th of May 2018. See here for further information about our opening hours.

How do I get to the DoKomi?

You can find information about arrival in Time and Place.

Do I have to wear a cosplay?

A lot of visitors come wearing cosplays, however, this is not required of course!

Questions at the Event

When does the last tram head for Düsseldorf mainstation?

The trains go all night long in 30 minutes intervals. For more details watch the timetable.

I’ve got questions regarding the cosplayball’s dresscode.

Please have a look at the FAQ at the Cosplayball site. If something’s no clear enough, you can always write a mail to the cosplayball staff members at <Please activate JavaScript to read the email address>.


Where can I get tickets?

You can buy tickets online on this very website!

How do I get my tickets?

If you purchase your ticket online, you can choose to get tickets by mail or e-ticket. The e-tickets can be printed directly, the physical tickets will be sent to you directly. The barcode on the sheet or backside of the ticket allows you to enter DoKomi.

What if my tickets don’t arrive in time?

If you chose the shipment by mail and the mailman slips right in front of your door, don’t worry!

As long as the ticket is paid you are safe in our system. You can simply receive your tickets at the box office information point. The old ticket barcode will be made invalid, so you are also protected agains ticket theft.

When do I receive my thank you gifts, that I unlocked when purchasing tickets?

The goodies will be sent before the convention together with the tickets, after the end of the online presale.

Will there be disadvantages, when I put the ruler in negative numbers?

Nope! We understand totally if you are on a short budget! This is a part of our social components in our ticket system. But please keep in mind, that every point helps us improving the DoKomi further!

What does the VIP-pass include?

Owners of a VIP -Pass will receive the following benefits:

  • All Access to our Cosplayball and J-Disco (please keep the dresscode in mind nevertheless!)

  • VIP-Pass conditions for the Lucky Chocolaté Maid Café: At the waiting line for the maid cafe entry bon (at the information desk) you will recieve entry bons for you and two friends.

    If you show your VIP-Pass inside the "Lucky Chocolate Maid Café", you will recieve furthermore a master menu woth 10,-€, which includes drinks, cake, as well as a polaroid foto with your favourite maid!

  • early entry (9.30am) trough a reserved line for VIP only (and maximum one person accompying the ticket holder)

  • preferred entry in labeled(!) activities and waiting lines such as autograph sessions, workshops, stageprogramm and similar! (for the ticket owner and at maximum one person accompying him or her) Please have a look, which programms are labeled accordingly. :)

  • The VIP-tickets are limited on only 50 pieces!

What kind of goodies are included with the shipping option by mail?

It’s a secret :3

What happens when I ordered my ticket by mail and it does not arrive on time?

If you choose the shipping option, the tickets will be shipped together with the goodies a few weeks before the event. However, should the mailman have slipped right in front of your door and lose your ticket, that’s not a problem!

Once the ticket has been paid and you have received a payment confirmation email from us, it means that you have stored in our system. This means we can even comprehend loss of tickets that you paid properly for. This way you can get a new ticket at the information counter at the DoKomi! The old one will automatically invalidated. In this way we can prevent the misuse of stolen tickets!

The tickets for X (Ball, day passes, Disco, or similar) are sold out, according to the website? Have you really no more?

Unfortunately the informations on the website are up to date: We don’t have any tickets left. But the good news ist, that many tickets change their owners. On Animexx, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms people often sell their tickets if they can not go to DoKomi further. Give it a try on these pages (but do not let yourself be cheated! Prices of tickets are least known!!)

Can you reserve tickets at the box office?

Unfortunately, we can not. The risk that something goes down in the hustle and bustle at the Con is just too big. We strongly recommend you to order tickets in advance.

Unfortunately, I can no longer go to DoKomi. ;_; Can I just return the ticket?

Unfortunately, thats not possible. For this, however, the tickets can be forwarded to another person. Please look for a point further!

I can't come to DoKomi anymore ;_;! Can I give my ticket to my friend?

Yes, we offer this possibility in the time before DoKomi. :3 And this is how it works:

  • When a ticket is to be transferred, we need the name and age of the new owner.
  • Send us this information, together with the corresponding ticket number and/or name of the current ticket holder to the email address:
  • We change the order in our system and send you a confirmation mail.

How do you work our the pricing for DoKomi?

DoKomi always tries to keep the ticket prices as low as possible. Because we want to enable youths out of all social classes to participate at the DoKomi. We do not want to exclude someone because of his or her finacial opportunities.

Additional we try to support you in matters of journey and lodging, to make it more affordable. (E.g. lift, bus travel and affordable overnight accommodations.) Perhaps you can safe money by this way that you can invest in cosplays or our local dealers. :3