Frequently asked questions

For frequently asked questions we have collected important information for you on this page. If you still have questions that you can't find in our FAQ, you are welcome to contact us.

You will find question regarding the following topics

General questions

What is DoKomi?

DoKomi is a meeting place for fans of anime, manga, Japanese music and fashion. As an Expo, DoKomi offers a large and interactive program for visitors. You can find a longer description under What is DoKomi?

When does DoKomi take place?

The next DoKomi will take place from 28 June to 30 June 2024. You can find more information about our opening times here.

How do I get to DoKomi?

Information on how to get there can be found here.

Do I have to wear a cosplay?

No. Even though many visitors show up in cosplay, it is not needed in order to enter

I am under 16 years old. Can I go to DoKomi by myself?

Yes, DoKomi is a youth oriented event, which is why age does not matter for visiting DoKomi. However, if you want to stay longer than 10:00 PM, for example for the Cosplayball or J-Rave, you need an "adult with parental authority" entering with you. You can find more detailed information under the age guidelines.

Questions on site

Is there a cloakroom and changing facilities?

Of course there is a cloakroom on site for you to leave your luggage in safe hands. There are also changing rooms (one for each gender) so that you can change easily throughout the day (e.g. for the Cosplay Ball and J-Rave). The changing rooms are free of charge, the cloakroom is run by the event halls and therefore has a small acceptance fee.

I have questions about the dress code of the Cosplay Ball!

Please have a look at the page of the Cosplayball. There you will find a detailed FAQ specifically for the ball. Please note that there will be no Cosplayball taking place in 2023.

Is the event site barrier-free?

The fair in Düsseldorf is almost completely even leveled and the CCD has lifts to all floors. This means that a visit to DoKomi is also possible in a wheelchair. Our helpers will be happy to help you on site if you have any further questions.

When does the last train leave for the main station?

The trains leave every 30 minutes throughout the night. You can find the exact times here.


Where can I buy tickets?

Click here to get to the ticketshop.

Is there a way to buy the tickets in a shop?

To make it logistically easier for everyone, we have decided to sell tickets online only. There will be no box office in 2024. Please note: you can buy tickets for the day only online if the day is not sold-out.

How do I get my tickets?

You will receive e-tickets by email, which you can print out and bring to the event. You can also show the ticket on your phone.

What if my ticket does not arrive in time?

Email with the link to the tickets will be sent out immediately after payment has been received. If you have not received a confirmation email, please contact the ticket company at help@ticketpay.de. You can contact them monday to friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm via phone as well +49 - (0)2381-3389844 (TicketPAY Europe GmbH, Neue Bahnhofs. 1-3, De-59065 Hamm).


Children up to 8 years of age who are accompanied by an adult are admitted free of charge to the event. A valid child's ID must be shown on site.

Severely disabled people can book an accompanying person free of charge after buying their own ticket and sending proof of their severely disabled status with the B on it. This can be requested through the following webform (currently only available in German): LINK.

The tickets for X (ball, disco, day tickets, or similar) are sold out according to the homepage. Do you really not have any more?

If that's what the ticket system on the homepage says, then unfortunately that's the case. But the good news is that there are still plenty of tickets changing hands after the event! Via Twitter, Facebook, etc., other visitors often make their tickets available if they can no longer come or have changed their minds. So just have a look there or post a request. (But don't let yourself get ripped off! The prices of the tickets are known after all!)

Can you put tickets on hold for me?

We are sorry, but that's not possible. The risk of something getting lost during the hectic times at the event is simply too big. We strongly recommend that you make use of the numerous advance booking options.

Unfortunately, I can no longer attend DoKomi. Can I simply return the ticket?

Unfortunately that is not possible. But the tickets can be given to someone else, please have a look at the next question.

Can I pass on/transfer my ticket to my friend?

Yes, you can as the tickets are not personalized.

How do the prices come about?

DoKomi always tries to keep the ticket prices as low as possible. This is because we want to make it possible for young people to take part in DoKomi and not exclude anyone on the basis of their financial possibilities.

Since 2023, we have been working with TicketPay as a partner platform that provides the online store for us. This gives us more options for designing the checkout process and allows us to offer you a better user experience. TicketPay also takes over the processing of inquiries relating to orders, so you will always receive quick help. There is a small fee per ticket for the services, which also includes the costs for payment processing. The fee is variable and depends on the total transaction amount.


Our ticket system.

> (This system is only valid for online presales)

As the first Japan Convention in Europe, we give you the opportunity to actively shape the development of the event! You can decide for yourself if you want to support us further. Why we do this and how it works is explained here:

Why crowdfunding?

Anyone who knows DoKomi knows how important it is to us to keep ticket prices as low as possible. We want to make it possible for all age groups to participate, no matter how much room your wallet leaves you.

But this also means that our options are always limited. The budgets hardly allow us to invite star guests from Japan, for example, or to implement more expensive programme items.

That's why we were looking for a solution to keep ticket prices low for young people, pupils and students on the one hand, but at the same time create free space for new program items and (e.g.) guests of honour: A ticket system with crowdfunding component!

How does crowdfunding work?

We have calculated a basic value with which we can keep DoKomi with its current quality at Messe Düsseldorf. However, if you wish for more programme items, star guests or special features, you can also set the ticket price higher and donate some money to an area of the con of your choice.

You want a nicer ambience? Higher quality photo corners, concerts or Japanese guests of honour? You can also choose what you want to make DoKomi even cooler. And you will also be rewarded! Because every time you exceed a certain value visible in the slider, you unlock a "thank you". Goodies are small and larger gifts such as key rings or T-shirts. Every year there are new goodies to get!

Just move the slider to the value you want to pay per ticket. You can always see how much the order is in total and how much of it is part of the donation.

You can also see how many goodies have been unlocked per ticket at any time.

What are the advantages of the VIP ticket, which can be unlocked via the crowdfunding slider?
  • Earlier admission (half an hour before the official start of the event) to the halls for the VIP ticket holder and up to two accompanying persons (note: these persons each need their own ticket for the event)
  • Exclusive parking in the underground car park P3 directly under the south entrance of the fair. Please note that the car park is managed by the fair, so the parking fees of 15 € / day have to be paid on site at the parking terminal.
  • Use of the Quick Pass queues at the main entrances
  • Separate VIP queue at the DoKomi signing sessions of our guests of honor as well as at the Cosplay and Twitch Tables
  • Participation in the Community Pass - raffle even without completing the actually required tasks - there are high-quality prizes to be won every day!
  • Participation in the J-Rave, our Saturday night disco event
  • Preferential registration for the Maid Café in the run-up to DoKomi (only for Saturday or Sunday) for the VIP ticket holder and a maximum of one other accompanying person. Registration will take place at a later date via our website and will be announced separately.
  • When you visit the Maid Café, you will receive a small VIP bag as a gift, which contains a limited-edition pendant and a limited-edition postcard. You can also pick up a polaroid with the Maids present at the DoKomi merch stand in Hall 1!
When will I get the goodies I unlocked when I ordered my tickets?

They will be sent out starting from the beginning of February. The physical VIP tickets will be shipped separately in mid-December.