Frequently asked questions

There are questions that just keep coming up. Here we have collected some for you with - of course - the appropriate answer. If you still have questions that you can't find the answer to here, you are of course welcome to contact us.

You will find question regarding the following topics

General questions

What is the DoKomi?

DoKomi is a meeting place for fans of anime, manga, Japanese music and fashion. As an Expo, DoKomi offers a large and interactive program for visitors. You can find a longer description under What is the DoKomi?

When is the DoKomi?

The next DoKomi will take place on the 4th and 5th of June 2022. You can find more information about our opening times here.

How do I get to DoKomi?

Information on how to get there can be found here.

Do I have to come in cosplay?

No. Very many visitors do show up in cosplay, but of course this is not needed in order to enter!

I am under 16 years old. Can I go to DoKomi alone?

Yes, DoKomi is an event for the youth, so age does not matter. However, if you want to stay longer than 22:00, for example for the Cosplay Ball or the J-Disco, you need an "adult with parental authority" entering with you. You can find more detailed information under the age guidelines.


What will the hygiene rules of DoKomi 2022 be like?

DoKomi 2022 will be held under 3G (tested, immune, recovered) regulation. That means in detail:

Visitors will only be able to participate in the event with proof of a negative test or proof of immunization. The access requirements apply equally to visitors, exhibitors and staff. Before visiting DoKomi, you must therefore be able to present one of the following proofs:

  • Tested: Negative Corona-test result (PCR- or quick-test) of an official testcenter, not older than 48h. Selftests are not accepted.
  • Vaccinated: Vaccination proof or vaccination pass. The full vaccination must have been received not earlier than 14 days.
  • Recovered: Positive PCR test result. The test has to be at least 28 days old and not older than 6 month.

Despite of a negative test result: If you feel ill on the day you plan to visit the event, like: cough, fever, runny nose, disorder of sense of smell or taste, you are not allowed to attend the event.

Urgent mask recommendation:

We urgently recommend to wear masks on the grounds of the exhibition center and Congress Center Düsseldorf during DoKomi 2022. In order to protect yourself and your fellow visitors, we ask you to wear a mask. However, there is not going to be a mask requirement for visitors, please also take into account the well-being and safety needs of your fellow visitors.

There is going to be a mask mandate for our team though. Medical masks (FFP2 or surgical masks) are compulsory for our team and employees of the exhibition center on the entire Düsseldorf exhibition grounds.

What does the hygiene concept of DoKomi 2022 look like?

In addition to the regulation mentioned above, the following further precautions are taken:

  • the visitor capacities of the interior spaces used at Messe Düsseldorf and the Congress Center Düsseldorf are only used up to a maximum of 80%.
  • the extended hygiene measures will be continued similar to the last two years. Disinfection dispensers will continue to be set up and the toilets and washrooms will be cleaned at short intervals. The ventilation systems of the Congress Center ensure accelerated air exchange.
Information regarding entrance!

To participate at the DoKomi you need a proof of a negative test or a proof of immunization.

  • Digital proofs (CORONA WARN-APP or digital vaccination pass) are prioritized, as they fastened the entrance procedure. Please enter your vaccination proof or test proof in the CORONA WARN-App.
  • It is possible to bring the proof on paper as well.
  • Visitors without proof of a negative test or a proof of immunization will be rejected at the control station.
  • There will be no test stations on site at the fairground.

Cosplayers, who aim to attend the DoKomi with weapons or apparend weapons, are asked to queue at one of the 4 right control stations and proceed after entering directly to the weapon check on the right hand side.

With these activities and the entrance to the fairground (exept the halls!) starting at 8.00 am, we hope to allow a smooth and fast entrance procedure.

Questions on site

Is there a cloakroom and changing facilities?

Of course there is a cloakroom on site for you to leave your luggage in safe hands. There are also changing rooms (one for each gender) so that you can change easily throughout the day (e.g. for the Cosplay Ball and J-Disco). The changing rooms are of course free of charge, the cloakroom is run by the event halls and therefore there is a small acceptance fee.

I have questions about the dress code of the Cosplay Ball!

Please have a look at the page of the Cosplayball. There you will find a detailed FAQ especially for the ball.

Is the event site barrier-free?

Messe Düsseldorf is almost completely at ground level, the CCD has lifts to all floors. This means that a visit to DoKomi is also possible in a wheelchair. Our assistants will be happy to help you on site if you have any further questions.

When does the last train leave for the main station?

The trains leave every 30 minutes throughout the night. You can find out the exact times here.


Where can I buy tickets?

Click here to go to the ticketshop.

Is there a way to buy the tickets somewhere in a shop?

To make it logistically easier for everyone, since 2016 we have decided to sell tickets online only and at our on-site box office. (There will be no box office in 2022)

How do I get my tickets?

You will receive e-tickets by email, which you will need to print out and bring to the event.

What if my ticket does not arrive in time?

Tickets will be sent out immediately after payment has been received. If you have not received a confirmation email, please contact us at support @ dokomi.de! :)

Why do I have to state my age when ordering?

As an organiser, we also have to comply with the German Youth Protection Act. Therefore, we have to check your age and your allowed time. Please understand that we will therefore take a look at your identity cards, especially during the evening events.


Children up to 8 years of age who are accompanied by an adult are admitted free of charge to the event. A valid child's ID must be shown on site.

Severely disabled people can book an accompanying person free of charge after buying their own ticket and sending proof of their severely disabled status with the B on it to tickets@dokomi.de in the online advance booking.

The tickets for X (ball, disco, day tickets, or similar) are sold out according to the homepage. Do you really not have any more?

If that's what the ticket system on the homepage says, then unfortunately that's the case. But the good news is that there are still plenty of tickets changing hands after the event! Via Animexx, Facebook, etc., other visitors often make their tickets available if they can no longer come or have changed their minds. So just have a look there or post a request. (But don't let yourself be ripped off! The prices of the tickets are known after all!)

What about Ball tickets?

The following tickets are valid for the DoKomi Cosplayball 2022:

  • the purchased ball tickets for former 2020
  • the VIP tickets from 2020
  • the VIP tickets from 2022
  • Mahou no DoKomi tickets from 2019/2020


There will be NO after-sale or sale at the event itself!

If you are still looking for ball tickets, you will unfortunately have to contact private sellers. Please be careful and don't buy tickets for very high prices. Please let us know if you see any suspicious offers. Before the con there are always people selling their tickets online at reasonable prices. Search for them under the hashtag #dokomiballticket2022 . Of course, you should also use the hashtag if you offer tickets and want to find a buyer as quickly as possible.

Can you put tickets on hold for me?

We are sorry, but that's not possible. The risk of something getting lost in the hectic at the event is simply too great. We strongly recommend that you make use of the numerous advance booking options.

Unfortunately, I can no longer attend DoKomi. Can I simply return the ticket?

Unfortunately that is not possible. But the tickets can be given to someone else, please take a look at the next point!

Can I pass on/transfer my ticket to my friend?

Yes, we offer you this possibility. It works like this:

  • Go to the support centre of your order. You will find the link in the order and payment confirmation e-mail!
  • Change the name(s) there and receive an order confirmation.
  • The names are then changed.

On site, a random check will be made to see if the ticket data matches the identity card of the ticket user, so be sure to keep your data up to date!

How do the prices come about?

DoKomi always tries to keep the ticket prices as low as possible. This is because we want to make it possible for young people to take part in DoKomi and not exclude anyone on the basis of their financial possibilities.

In addition, we are working to increasingly support visitors in the areas of travel and accommodation, so that this can be made more cost-effective (e.g. through carpooling, bus rides and cheap accommodation). In case of doubt, this will leave you with more money to invest in cosplays and the local dealers. :3

What does the VIP pass that you can get at the thank-you gifts include?

VIP pass holders receive the following benefits:

  • Early admission (9.30 am) via a VIP entrance for the ticket holder and two other accompanying persons with a regular day or weekend ticket.

  • Access to JRave and Cospalyball for the VIP ticket holder (however, please make sure to follow the dress code at the ball).

  • Access to the VIP & helper parking garage directly in front of the entrance hall! VIPs get the privilege to park directly opposite the hall. Important: This does not include the parking fee, as the car park is operated by an outside company. Only as long as the space lasts. Unused parking spaces can be released for other visitors after 11 a.m. daily. The VIP ticket will be checked at the access control and must therefore be kept handy. Furthermore, we will send a separate access certificate by e-mail, which must be visibly inserted in the car.

  • Preferential admission for signing lines of guests of honour. The guests of honour / areas for which VIP ticket holders have priority are marked in the programme and on our website.

  • Access to the VIP seating area in the front rows of the Black & Live stage. The number of seats is limited, only while stocks last.

  • VIP pass conditions for the Lucky Chocolate Maid Café:
    When you show your VIP pass at the Maid Café, you will also get a free Polaroid photo with your favourite maid! :3

  • The VIP tickets are limited! They are only available while stocks last!


Pay what you want - our ticket system.

> (This system is only valid for online presales)

As the first Japan Convention in Europe, we give you the opportunity to actively shape the development of the event! You can decide for yourself what you want to pay for the DoKomi tickets! Why we do this and how it works is explained here:

Why crowdfunding?

Anyone who knows DoKomi knows how important it is to us to keep ticket prices as low as possible. We want to make it possible for all age groups to participate, no matter how much room your wallet leaves you.

But this also means that our options are always limited. The budgets hardly allow us to invite star guests from Japan, for example, or to implement more expensive programme items.

That's why we were looking for a solution to keep ticket prices low for young people, pupils and students on the one hand, but at the same time create free space for new program items and (e.g.) guests of honour: A ticket system with crowdfunding component!

How does crowdfunding work?

You determine the ticket price yourself that the DoKomi is worth to you! We have calculated a basic value with which we can keep DoKomi with its current quality at Messe Düsseldorf. However, if you wish for more programme items, star guests or special features, you can also set the ticket price higher and donate some money to an area of the con of your choice.

You want a nicer ambience? Higher quality photo corners, concerts or Japanese guests of honour? You can also choose what you want to make DoKomi even cooler. And you will also be rewarded! Because every time you exceed a certain value visible in the slider, you unlock a "thank you". Goodies are small and larger gifts such as key rings or T-shirts. Every year there are new goodies to get!

Just move the slider to the value you want to pay per ticket. You can always see how much the order is in total and how much of it is part of the donation.

You can also see how many goodies have been unlocked per ticket at any time.

Will it bring me any disadvantages if I set the slider to minus?

No, there are no disadvantages. We understand that some of our visitors do not have enough money and therefore offer this as a social component in our ticket system. But please remember that every Euro counts for the improvement of DoKomi.

When will I get the goodies I unlocked when I ordered my tickets?

They will be sent out as soon as possible after your ticket order!