For press and public relations

Press accreditation

Do you want to report DoKomi 2018?

You cannot apply for press passes anymore. Also we cannot give out press passes during DoKomi.

It will be possible to access DoKomi with a normal ticket, too, in case you did not get the chance for a press pass or miss the deadline.

Please note

Please send us following document as an attachment in the e-mail:

  • your journalist pass
  • writing assignment from your chief editorship or editor of your online magazin

Please check the general information below.

Registration as fan project, YouTuber, blogger, etc.

We are happy about every press report from big and also small fan projects.

Please send us a description about your project, so that we can estimate your project better!

Following data:

  • Please introduce your project. What do you do? Who are you?
  • Information about traffic on your website. (unique visitors, access number per day, etc.)
  • Links of your project (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
  • Your follower number
  • example of report, for example: about other conventions.

Please also note the general Information below.

Press accreditation for the Cosplayball

Because our Cosplayball is living through the atmosphere, we simply cannot allow access to the Cosplayball to every person with a press ticket. Therefor there will be a seperate Cosplayball press ticket.

In case you are interested, please send your dossier to us via mail

Press Kit

Here is our press kit compiled with data, logos and picture,s so you can spice up your report with some facts and DoKomi mascots.

General Information

The Press ticket allows you, to enter the Dokomi 30 minutes before opening. Interviews with guests of honor as well as skipping the waiting queue is only allowed with an agreement in advance. Please ask us via mail beforehand. For access to the Cosplayball an separate ticket is needed (see above).

In case you are in need of more than one ticket for your team, please explain who will come with you and why this person is relevant for coverage.

We only have a limited contingent of press tickets. Therefor we cannot accept every request we get. A request will be treated on their relevance. That means, that e.g. small projects could probably get accepted while bigger projects will get occasionally declined. Small projects also have the chance for interviewing guests of honor! Simply ask.

Please send us via mail scans or links to your report after your coverage.

We reserve the right to decline accreditation requests without mentioning the reasons. Possible reasons for a declination could be e.g. small relevance for us or press accreditation without finished reports afterwards.