Cosplay Stage

Our interactive cosplay stage

Our interactive cosplay stage is a long wanted platform for group showacts and funny performances of cosplayers. Become a star and show other visitors the shills of you or your cosplay group!

Mainpart of this stage is the interaction with the audience and - after our fusion with the host club - to create a vigorous program together.

We would like to give newcomers and beginners the opportunity to come on stage to find confidence and simply have fun - without any engagement.

Parts of the program are batsu games, singing and dancing performances, our cosplay contest and group cosplay performances. Activities like 'DSDS - DoKomi search for the supertalent' or events about special cosplay themes invite you to an spontaneous or planned stage performance.

But we appreciate applications of showacts. For applications please notice our set deadlines.

But anyway, our motto is: No stress of competiotion. Control of stagefright. It is all about the fun at performances and your very personal fame ^_-!

An overview about the activities and the agenda will be published here soon. If you should have a sparking idea regarding this stage, please write Nadine! Perhaps your idea will be part of the showprogram of the DoKomi 2016. :3

The deadline for applications is the 1st of January 2016. If you are interested please send your application to Nadine.


10:15 Opening Event
10:45 Revolution Smile
12:00 Panel: Start-Up in Japan & Learning Japanese (Danny Choo)
13:15 Desi
14:00 Karaoke-Contest
15:15 Batsu-Games
17:00 Ongaku no Kara
18:30 Closing Event
10:30 Opening Event
11:00 Para Para Connection
12:15 Panel: Fanart with Danny Choo and Comiket
13:30 Lolita Streetfashion Modenschau
14:45 Panel: Miraculous Ladybug with Thomas Astruc
16:00 Mocchi ComplexX
17:00 Closing Event