Julien Haggège

Voice Actor

The phantom thief 1412 himself!

Join us as Kaito Kid strikes again, stealing the hearts of our visitors at the Fox and the Crew booth. Witness the greatest magician in the history of DoKomi: Kaito Kid!

Julien Haggège, known for his roles as Kaito Kid, L in Deathnote, Kylo Ren in Star Wars, Tenshinhan in Dragonball and Gabumon in Digimon, will be exclusively attending DoKomi 2023 as a guest.

You can meet Julien at the Fox and the Crew - Inside Synchron & Photopoint booth in Hall 4 at DoKomi 2023 to get autographs, take photos or even record your own audio.

We are excited to welcome Julien Haggège to DoKomi 2023 and wish all attendees a fantastic DoKomi weekend!

Where and when?

Julien Haggège will be at the Fox and the Crew booth in Hall 4 on all three convention days.

As this guest was invited by Fox and the Crew, please contact Fox and the Crew for possible prices and times.