The Location

About the trade Fair Düsseldorf:

The tradefair Düsseldorf is the ideal place to hold a convention like DoKomi! Not only does the tradefair area provide enough space to handle such a big event, it's atmospheric surroundings with the adjacent Nordpark make every cosplayer's heart beat faster.

In less than 5 minutes walk you reach the japanese garden, an attractive green promenade following the river Rhine and elaborately kempt gardens with flower fields and fountain wells.

At the tradefair itself DoKomi takes place within 3 halls with over 40.000m², the congress center "Ost" with around 3500m² as well as a courtyard of additional 10.000m² convention space. Additionally, we use 2 bistros for our popular events cafès, the MaidCafe Lucky Chocolate and the Sweet Spice Host Club.

The entrance of hall 15 offers enough space for us to create well structured box office, wardrobe, weapons check and entry area. Our self developed entry system and the technical infrastructure allow us to quickly operate the high amounts of visitors, even at the peak points.

The Black Stage in hall 12 provides enough seats for several thousand of visitors to participate and watch the extensive stage programm.

In halls 14 and 15 we give the chance to several hundred exhibitors and fan booths to present theirselves in a bright and pleasant atmosphere. Above that we will arrange their our numerous interactive activities, the gaming area in hall 16, a separate workshop- and education area in hall 18 as well as 3D fotobooths and a chill out area.

The courtyard provides enough space to turn our food corner into a japanese food festival. Also we can now play around with "Creamy's Castle". (a hommage to the popular show Takeshi's Castle ;D )

The popular Cosplayball will stay within the rooms of Saal X & Y within the Congress Center South.

A map of the surroundings can be found atTime and Place.

The city of Düsseldorf itself is Germany's epicenter for Japan and therefore the perfect location to hold DoKomi. More than 6000 japanese live in Düsseldorf, featuring the largest japanese community within the country that way.

This led to a great japanese infrastructure with lots of japanese businesses, restaurants, culture clubs, shops, communities and more. The variety and quality of the japanese restaurants is well known and respected nationwide.

This is also the reason, why Japantag , Europa's largest japanese street festival is held yearly in Düsseldorf with more than 750.000 people attending. Of course they can't miss out Germany's largest anime and japan-expo then, right? :3