The hard working kitchen-maid with sweet tooth.


"Where there's sugar, there's hope!"

  • Hobbys: Creating chocolates and confection, singing
  • Blood type: AB
  • Zodiac sighn: Aquarius
  • Birthday: 14.2.
  • Wish: Produce world's best chocolates.
  • Motto: "Nice memories are like chocolate: You can't live only on them, because it isn't noutitous, but they sweeten being!"
  • Specialities: Tastes sweet like chocolate.
  • Likes: Pandas and super sweet, great decorated cupcakes.
  • Colour: Salmon-pink
  • Food: Chocolates and cupcakes
  • Musicians/Bands: THYME
  • Music: J-pop
  • Dislike: Stains on her maid-apron

Drawing/design by Nina Lorei (maid Nina) aka. Aprimira. Check out her facebook-profile. Choco was designed in association with other maids therefore with a lot of maid power!