The number 1 Host: Elegant, arrogant and mysterious.


"In the dictionary, you'll find me under "perfect"!"

  • Hobbys: Watch himself in the mirror
  • Blood type: blue
  • Zodiac sign: secret
  • Birthday: secret
  • Wish: just once to browse trough the internet without finding yaoi-doujinshies of himself
  • Motto: The intrinsic value counts? Only ugly people would say that!
  • Specialities: Is a very strict Host-boss, but has a soft core no one shall ever know about
  • Likes: Himself
  • Colour: Violet
  • Food: Sweet Spice Curry
  • Musicians/Bands: Malice Mizer, Vivaldi
  • Music: Classic
  • Dislikes: Pseudo-Demon-Butlers