The sooft breeze within the Cafè


Welcome to our Cafè!

  • Hobbys: loves playing RPGs
  • Blood type: B-
  • Zodiac sighn: Pesces
  • Birthday: 11.3.
  • Wish: Less hunger attacks and playing the final "Final Fantasy" Game
  • Motto: "There is always a second chance!"
  • Specialities: Can melt diamonds with her look.
  • Likes: Gem stones
  • Colour: Smaragdgreen
  • Essen: Nuts in all flavours & Chips.
  • Musicians/Bands: S3RL
  • Music: Remix & Co.
  • Dislikes: Insects

Drawing/design by Nina Lorei (maid Nina) aka. Aprimira. Check out her facebook-profile. Choco was designed in association with other maids therefore with a lot of maid power!