Cosplay Gatherings at the DoKomi

All Magical girls

We want to do a Meet up with every magical girl related cosplay! Just trying to do the most magical gathering ✨

Hinweis: This is a fan meeting organized by visitors of the DoKomi.

Where does the gathering take place?

On Sunday at 12:00 o`clock

Between hall 1 and hall 4: there are some trees and there is a bigger open space. We'll be there as Mew Pudding, Mew Minto and Mew Ichigo

Events in the building can only be attended with a valid ticket. Get your ticket for DoKomi now.

What is the schedule of the gathering?

We will see. Taking some pictures, exchanging insta acc perhaps and talk a little.

If you want to contact me: my instagram acc is unilexis


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write an e-mail.