Cosplay Gatherings at the DoKomi

Ensemble Stars!! meet-up on Friday

This is meant simply as a casual meeting opportunity for EnStarries!! Whether you're in cosplay or not, everyone is welcome! <3

Please keep in mind that this meet-up is happening OUTSIDE of the convention halls and take care that if you entered the halls before the meet-up, you handle checking out of the convention accordingly.

Disclaimer: this is a fan meeting that is privately organized by an amateur. This is most likely not necessary to say, but please keep your manners and help make this meet-up a safe place for everyone! ^^

Hinweis: This is a fan meeting organized by visitors of the DoKomi.

Where does the gathering take place?

On Friday at 15:00 o`clock

We will meet at the big fountain in the Nordpark (OUTSIDE of the convention halls).
For clarification: the big, round fountain, not the long one! You can reach the fountain easily if you walk from the tram station "Aquazoo" into the park, take a right turn and then follow the long fountains straight-ahead.

Events in the building can only be attended with a valid ticket. Get your ticket for DoKomi now.

What is the schedule of the gathering?

You are free to just chat with people, maybe take pictures together and exchange social media as you like. *This is NOT a professional photo shoot or otherwise heavily planned out or sophisticated event, simply a casual hangout opportunity.*

Around 15:15 to 15:30 we'd organize a group photo (for cosplayers who want to be in one) and afterwards create a nui-circle (any Ensemble Stars nuis and/or ita bags are very welcome! Please remember that the ground may be dirty and maybe take precautions such as laying down a tissue/bag underneath if you have concerns. Please cooperate with one another and help make this a relaxed and safe activity <3).

After that, there are no further plans, so feel free to just take this as an opportunity to connect with other EnStarries! Maybe have your own little shoots with other cosplayers, talk about your faves and so on.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write an e-mail.