Cosplay Gatherings at the DoKomi

Final Fantasy

Fans and Cosplayers of Final Fantasy can meet up here, make friends with the same interests, exchange social media and take pictures together.
We just want to have fun there is not going to be a professional photographer!

Hinweis: This is a fan meeting organized by visitors of the DoKomi.

Where does the gathering take place?

On Saturday at 15:00 o`clock

when you exit hall 1 to the left you can see the staircase under the bridge and that’s where we’re going to meet up.
the meet up spot will differ depending on if it’s already taken. We will stay near bridge tho
(You need valid dokomi tickets to participate)

Events in the building can only be attended with a valid ticket. Get your ticket for DoKomi now.

What is the schedule of the gathering?

We'll wait about 10 minutes at the meeting point for any latecomers. In the meantime you can talk, exchange social media and take pictures.
We will try to get a group picture after the 10-15 minutes have passed.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write an e-mail.