Cosplay Gatherings at the DoKomi


Splatoon Cosplay meetup for pics and new friends :)
If you have any questions or anything you can E-Mail me or dm me on insta @maripikari
everyone is welcome in or out of cosplay!

Hinweis: This is a fan meeting organized by visitors of the DoKomi.

Where does the gathering take place?

On Sunday at 15:00 o`clock

Unter der Glasbrücke/Under the glassbridge

Außenbereich der Halle 1 IM con gelände

Events in the building can only be attended with a valid ticket. Get your ticket for DoKomi now.

What is the schedule of the gathering?

Einfach warten und Bilder zusammen machen, reden usw :D
Erstmals warten wir um die 10 minuten auf nachkommer und machen dan Bilder miteinander

Eng: We meet up under the glasbridge, wait around 10 minutes for everyone then take piczures snd just have a good time together :)


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write an e-mail.