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Adalhide & Paraniva

Adalhide & Paraniva

Hello! My name is Adalhide, an artist from Czechia. My original work is mainly inspired by animals. However, I still enjoy drawing fan art. I alternate between digital and traditional art. You will find not only stickers, buttons/pins, and prints, but also original drawings, handmade notebooks, and bookmarks. Screen-printed T-shirts and tote bags are also worth mentioning. Don't be afraid to stop even just for a chat! I would love to see you all <3

And hi, I'm Paraniva, a self taught digital artist from Czechia who is currently super into videogames, anime & k-pop drawings. I’ll be more than happy if you come to chat about them! Other than that you can find at my booth prints, stickers, magnets and keychains~

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