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Hey there!
I am a digital bishie Artist from Hong Kong who currently lives in Germany.
My art is influenced by Japanese Ukiyo-e paintings, graphic design and traditional japanese and chinese fashion.

Since this isn't my first rodeo...what's new for this year?
My booth will be located in the new R-18/Seijin area!
I am excited to work on some new lewed artworks.
Please drop by... I can't wait to meet you guys UwU.

Look forward for new stickers, prints, keychains, bags and buttons.
I sell merch from fandoms like:
Arknights, Hazbin Hotel, Hellova Boss, Made in Abyss, Free, Haikyuu , Genshin Impact and Beastars.

Instagram: MameHoshi
Twitter: Mamehoshi_088
Bluesky: MameHoshi

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